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Developmental and Structural Section

Naumov, Sergey Yu. [1], Sokolov, Ivan D. [1].

Ternate Leaves in Ontogeny of Number of Apiaceae L. Family.

Leaves can be simple and compound. The founder of scientific botany K. Linney considered the leaves to be compound if they have several leaflets at one petiole (K. Linney, 1989). The leaves of Apiaceae L. family's representatives are considered to be simple in botanical literature in most of cases (Flora of the USSR, 1950; Flora of Ukraine, 1995). We have found out, that the majority of leaves formed during ontogeny of 19 genus Apiaceae family's representatives are compound leaves. All the researched representatives of Apiaceae family have consecutive complication of leaves' structure during the period of bottom leaves forming: simple leaves are replaced by ternate leaves, and then by even more complex leaves. In particular, formogenesis of bottom leaves of some species which belong to genus of Aethusa L., Ammi L., Anisum Gaertn., Apium L., Coriandrum L., Falcaria Bernh., Heracleum L., Pastinaca L., Trachyspermum Link. ends with forming of odd-pinnate leaves. Formogenesis of species of Carum L., Daucus L., Laserpitium L., and Levisticum Hill. genus ends with forming of twice odd-pinnate leaves. Formogenesis of species which belong to Anethum L., Anthriscus (Pers.) Hoffm., Conium L., Foeniculum Mill., Peucedanum L., ends with forming of thrice odd-pinnate leaves. Formogenesis of floriferous sprout leaves of researched plants goes in the reverse sequence. The data obtained as a result of morphological researches got confirmation during the analysis of petioles and petiolules' anatomical structure of some species of family representatives. Thus, all the researched species of Apiaceae L. family have the majority of compound leaves formed during ontogeny. The stage of ternate leaves is obligatory during the period of bottom leaves and floriferous sprout leaves forming.

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1 - Lugansk National Agrarian University, Plant Biology, Ukraine, Lugansk, Lugansk National Agrarian University, -, Lugansk, -, 91008, Ukraine

leaf morphology
Leaf anatomy.

Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: 24-1
Location: Salon A - Gov Ballroom/Hilton
Date: Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
Time: 8:00 AM
Abstract ID:91

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