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Vanderplank, Sula [1], Boyd, Steve [2], Fraga, Naomi S. [2], Tutt, Bryan [3].

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Herbarium (RSA-POM) Specimen Database; a critical resource for the conservation of California.

The flora of California, with over 6,300 taxa of native plants, is the largest of any state or province in the United States or Canada. California's flora is remarkable in for its large number of native species and its wealth of endemic taxa. Estimates of endemism in California are placed as high as 33%. As the most populous state in the U.S., the environmental impact of California's many commercial and agricultural centers is compounded by rapidly spreading residential and recreational developments. State population trends suggest an increase from over 34 million to over 61 million people by 2025. For documentation of southern California, a region of exceptionally high biological diversity and among the most ecologically imperiled floras worldwide, RSA's holdings are second to none both in number of specimens and geographic/temporal coverage. RSA-POM's collection of specimens from the southern part of the state is the world's largest; with over 51% (ca. 208,250 sheets) of the California specimens being from the state's southernmost 7 counties. Collectively these seven counties constitute "southern California”, and roughly 25% of the state's total area. In 2000 work began entering the label data for southern California into the Filemaker Pro specimen database developed by UCR with funding from the National Science Foundation. In 2004 work was initiated on developing a searchable database of RSA specimens accessible online. A working version went online in early 2005 and has since gone through three months of beta testing. The database is now available online through RSABG's website (, providing access to data from selected California collections as well as selected known and presumed type specimens. Currently RSA's online database holds ca. 88,500 records representing 2,460 taxa and 180 families.

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Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Herbarium (RSA-POM) online searchable specimen database.

1 - Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Herbarium (RSA-POM), 1500 N. College Ave, Claremont, CA, 91711, United States
2 - Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden, 1500 North College Avenue, Claremont, California, 91711, USA
3 - Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, 1500 N. College Ave, Claremont, CA, 91711, United States

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Native plants

Presentation Type: Recent Topics Poster
Session: 33-122
Location: Salon C, D & E - Gov Ballroom/Hilton
Date: Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
Time: 12:30 PM
Abstract ID:670

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