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Genetics Section

Iyer, manjunath [1].

Impact of self similar structure of genes on photosynthesis.

It has been found out that the nucleic acid strands in a gene exhibit self similar structures.. This makes the different segments of the genes to exhibit similar characteristics. The properties observed at the cell level are preserved at the system (leaf) level- again due to self-similarity of the structure. This is evident from the plot of energy absorption against the depth of the leaf, that is found to be self similar. It can be linked to the degree of self similarity of the DNA strands of the genes of that particular species. Another outcome of this structure is that the entropy of the DNA sequence gets maximized. This maximum entropy is responsible for the large variants of species like Purple bacteria, green sulphur, green non sulphur, etc that originated at different points of time based on photosynthetic needs. The self similar property has been preserved across evolution. Many other interesting properties may be observed as an outcome of the self similarity.

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1 - University college, E and C, N0.16, I main ,Bsk III stage, IV phase, kathriguppe east, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560085, India

DNA structure, sels similarity. photosynthesis.

Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: 13-14
Location: 412/Hilton
Date: Monday, August 15th, 2005
Time: 4:30 PM
Abstract ID:66

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