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Systematics Section / ASPT

Reimer, Elizabeth [1], Cota-Sanchez, Hugo [2].

A Phylogenetic Study of North American Danthonia DC. (Poaceae).

The genus Danthonia makes up a minor component of the Canadian prairies. Eight species are recognized in North America, but the phylogenetic relationships are unknown. In order to elucidate relationships withing the genus, and to determine associations with South American and Old World taxa from which the North American species are presumed to have evolved, a phylogeny was constructed from the trnL-F region of the chloroplast genome. Micro- and macromorphological features were examined to determine whether morphological characters support the molecular phylogeny. A tree constructed from the trnL-F data supports a monophyletic genus Danthonia. North American species of Danthonia do not form a separate clade from the South American or European species based on either molecular or morphological data. Of the morphological characters examined, bicellular microhairs with long basal cells, and an ovate caryopsis with a linear hilum and reticulate surface pattern may be unifying features for Danthonia within the tribe Danthonieae.

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1 - University of Saskatchewan, Departement of Biology, 112 Science Place, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7N 5E2, Canada
2 - University of Saskatchewan, Department of Biology, 112 Science Place, Saskatoon, Saskatchwan, S7J 5E2, Canada


Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: 3-12
Location: Salon J - Austin Grand Ballroom/Hilton
Date: Monday, August 15th, 2005
Time: 11:30 AM
Abstract ID:601

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