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Pteridological Section/AFS

Sanchez, Carlos [1], Caluff, Manuel G. [2], Regalado, Ledis [3], Alvarez-Fuentes, Orlando [4], Morejón, Renier [1], Serguera, Maité [2].

The family Thelypteridaceae in Cuba.

Thelypteridaceae is one of the largest fern families in the Cuban flora with 66 species, one subspecies, six varieties and 19 possible hybrids; 17 of these species and varieties are Cuban endemics. The objective of the present work is to present the members of family Thelypteridaceae that will be documented in the new Flora of the Republic of Cuba. The species of the Thelypteridaceae are terrestrial or rupestral ferns with laminae usually 1-pinnate or 1-pinnate-pinnatifid to 3-pinnate-pinnatifid; roundish to elongate sori, mostly indusiate; unicellular acicular, uncinate, or branched hairs on the upper surface of rachises, costae and leaf tissues; two vascular bundles at the base of the petioles that fuse into a single "U" strand towards the rachis; and rachises and costae not connected by a groove. Most species occur at middle to high elevations on margins of rain forests, along trails, wet roadside embankments, and along streams, many of them are common at the different montane-forest ecosystems along the island. We recognize two genera, Macrothelypteris(represented by a single species) and a broadly defined Thelypteris with six subgenera: Thelypteris, Amauropelta, Steiropteris, Meniscium, Goniopteris and Cyclosorus. Recent molecular phylogenetic studies supports the monophyly of Thelypteridaceae and the recognition of at least five distinct genera within the family, but limited sampling in this study have led us to believe that a conservative approach to nomenclature for the Flora of Cuba is prudent until more thorough phylogenetic studies are undertaken.

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1 - Jardín Botánico Nacional, Universidad de la Habana, Carretera Del Rocio, Km 3.5, Calabazar, Boyeros, Ciudad Habana, Cp 19230, Cuba
2 - Jardín de Helechos de Santiago de Cuba, Bioeco, Ctra. del Caney No 129, Reparto La Caridad, Santiago de Cuba, CP 90400, Cuba
3 - Instituto de Ecología y Sistemática, Carretera de Varona Km 3½, Capdevila, Boyeros, A.P.8029, Ciudad Habana, C.P. 10800, Cuba
4 - Michigan State University, Department of Plant Biology, 166 Plant Biology, East Lansing, Michigan, 48824, USA

Cuban Ferns
New Flora of the Republic of Cuba.

Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: 18-4
Location: 602/Hilton
Date: Monday, August 15th, 2005
Time: 2:30 PM
Abstract ID:448

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