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Bryological and Lichenological Section/ABLS

Crandall-Stotler, Barbara J. [1], Forrest, Laura L. [1], Stotler, Raymond E. [1].

Reconstructing Evolution in the Metzgeriales Schljakov subord. Pallaviciniineae R. M. Schust., the "Vascularized" Liverworts.

Multigene analyses of the simple thalloid liverworts resolve a monophyletic clade comprising the Hymenophytaceae R. M. Schust. and Pallaviciniaceae Mig., a synapomorphy of which is the differentiation of strands of elongate, hydrolyzed cells in their gametophytes. Six well supported lineages are resolved within this clade, but with Pallavicinia Gray, Symphyogyna Nees & Mont., Moerckia Gottsche and Podomitrium Mitt. paraphyletic. To test whether there are morphological characters that are better predictors of the evolutionary relationships within the group than those currently used to define genera, a combined analysis of molecular and morphological data has been conducted, and morphological character evolution has been reconstructed on the combined tree. Oil body morphology, spore wall architecture and some features of perichaetial organization are predictive of several of the paraphyletic lineages, while variations in strand cell anatomy are not. Sporophyte-investing structures and capsule wall anatomy are phylogenetically informative, but there is substantial homoplasy in perigonial organization and plant habit.

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1 - Southern Illinois University, Department of Plant Biology, 1125 Lincoln Drive, Carbondale, Illinois, 62901-6509, USA

total evidence analysis

Presentation Type: Poster
Session: 33-4
Location: Salon C, D & E - Gov Ballroom/Hilton
Date: Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
Time: 12:30 PM
Abstract ID:390

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