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Genetics Section

Sokolov, Ivan D. [1], Naumov, Sergey Yu. [1], Kharchenco, Victoria E. [1].

Structure Inflorescence of a Homozygous Line ap1-1 (Arabidopsis Thaliana L.).

At all representatives of family Brassicaceae, inflorescence is racemose. However at A. thaliana was receivemutant?s line tfl-2 - terminal flower.The presence apical flower was marked also at some other lines, including at ap1-1, as was by an occasion for special research inflorescences of this line. To study structure inflorescences is expediently not only on an arrangement buds and flowers, but also fruits. If to the central axis inflorescence is attached flowers (fruits), that inflorescence is simple. If to the central axis inflorescence is attached structural florae's units, consisting from ramified inflorescence of runaways, ramified, that inflorescence is compound. It is obvious, that inflorescence is compound, and, besides, - cymose. On a apical of the main runaway at plants of a line ap1-1 is sometimes seen apical flower or apical a fruit. However, quite often, this flower does is not formed. The reason that when in the apical part of a plant still flowers are formed, its basis (the socket leafs, and then and stalk) begins dying. In result, on a apical part of the central axis not always has time to be generated flower. The central axis inflorescence is not present leaf, and on lateral axes are available reduced leaf. Thus, inflorescence of plants of a line ap1-1 represent compound's cymose, and has a little the orders of branching, and florale's units are simple cymoses (monochasium, dichasium, pleiochasium,). As a whole inflorescence of a line ap1-1 it is possible to name - thyrsus.

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1 - Lugansk National Agrarian University, Plant Biology, Ukraine, Lugansk, Lugansk National Agrarian University, -, Lugansk, -, 91008, Ukraine

line ap1-1

Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: 13-13
Location: 412/Hilton
Date: Monday, August 15th, 2005
Time: 4:15 PM
Abstract ID:195

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