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Anderson, Jason C. [1], Mi-Kyung, Lee [1], Zhang, Hongbin [1], Stelly, David M. [1], Price, H. James [1].

Distribution of CEN38 among species of the genus Sorghum.

Phylogeny relationships of the 25 species comprising the genus Sorghum are incompletely resolved. A widely used approach to investigate phylogeny is comparative analysis of unique sequences from nuclear and cytoplasmic organelle genomes. However, repetitive DNA sequences can also be used for phylogenetic analysis. CEN38 is a tandemly repetitive DNA sequence cloned from S. bicolor that is amplified as a <280 bp dimer. Each dimer consists of two divergent <140 bp monomers. CEN38 is localized to the pericentromeric region of 10 of the 20 S. bicolor chromosomes. It has also been detected around the centromeres of most of the chromosomes of Saccharum (sugarcane). CEN38 has not been detected in other grass genera, such as Oryza sativa, Zea mays and Triticum aestivum. A detailed analysis of the distribution of CEN38 in the genus Sorghum has not been performed. CEN38 was detected by dot blot analysis in the DNA of 16 of 21 species of the genus Sorghum representing the five taxonomic subgenera. Copy number of CEN38 was from ca. 15 copies to 21, 000 copies per haploid genome. The distribution of CEN38 on chromosomes of Sorghum species other than those of the subgenus Eu-sorghum could not be detected by fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH). Southern blotting of restriction-enzyme digested DNA and PCR amplification are currently being used to detect the presence and organization of CEN38 among Sorghum species. The presence and absence of CEN38 will aid in the assessment of phylogenetic relationships among Sorghum species. Research supported in part by the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station.

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1 - Texas A&M University, Department of Soil and Crop Sciences, Mail Stop 2474, College Station, Texas, 77843-2474, USA

CEN38 repeat
fluorescent in situ hybridization
copy number.

Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: 13-11
Location: 412/Hilton
Date: Monday, August 15th, 2005
Time: 3:45 PM
Abstract ID:132

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