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Genetics Section

Sych, Elena [1], Sokolov, Ivan D. [1].

The interaction of mapped genes AN1 and DIS1on the trait of  "plant weight” of Arabidopsis.

At present finding out of the functions of all genes of Arabidopsis not only at molecular and cellular but also at organism level of life’s organization is an exigent task. It is necessary for it to have data about influence of all genes on quantitative traits. Influence of the mutant alleles an1-1 and dis1-1 (further – an1 and dis1 accordingly) of mapped genes AN1 (chromosome 1 – lokus 0.4) and DIS1 (1 – 18.7) on the plant weight of Arabidopsis in different environment is analyzed in this work. Four possible homozygous genotypes, which are formed in the combination of alleles AN1, an1, DIS1 and dis1 (the Ler lines; an1; dis1 and an1,dis1) were compared. The plants of these lines were grown in a soil. In the first experience the daylight hours’ duration was 24 hours, in the second – 12 hours. Comparison of phenotypic values of the studied lines was made with the help of Studend’s t-test. All lines differ from each other significantly. As a result four phenotypic classes were distinguished (Ler, an1, dis1 and an1,dis1 lines). Expected segregation ratio in FA is 1:1:1:1, in F2 is 9:3:3:1. The epistatic declination is not significant (an additive action of genes). In the second experience it is possible to distinguish two phenotypic classes only, because only the line of dis1 differed significantly from three other lines. Thus, the first class is plants of dis1, the second class is the Ler, an1 and an1,dis1 plants. Expected segregation ratio in FA is 3:1, in F2 is 13:3. Epistatic declination testifies to the presence of negative epistatis (t

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1 - Lugansk National Agrarian University, Plant Biology, Ukraine, Lugansk, Lugansk National Agrarian University, -, Lugansk, -, 91008, Ukraine


Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: 13-12
Location: 412/Hilton
Date: Monday, August 15th, 2005
Time: 4:00 PM
Abstract ID:106

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