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For Comparative Chloroplast Genomics

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angiosperms (1 Abstract)
base substitution (1 Abstract)
cDNA (1 Abstract)
Charophycean green algae (1 Abstract)
Chlamydomonas (1 Abstract)
Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (1 Abstract)
Chloroplast DNA (1 Abstract)
Chloroplast genome (4 Abstracts)
chloroplast genomics (1 Abstract)
Chloroplast Genomics, Genome Evolution, Plastids (2 Abstracts)
Comparative genomics (1 Abstract)
Cuscuta (1 Abstract)
evolution (1 Abstract)
gene flow (1 Abstract)
Genome evolution (1 Abstract)
group I introns (1 Abstract)
horizontal gene transfer (1 Abstract)
hornwort (1 Abstract)
Lennoaceae (1 Abstract)
mobile introns (1 Abstract)
mutation (1 Abstract)
Orobanchaceae (1 Abstract)
Parasitic plants (1 Abstract)
Phylogenetics (1 Abstract)
phylogenomics (1 Abstract)
Plastid transformation (1 Abstract)
positive selection (1 Abstract)
psbA gene (1 Abstract)
rare genomic changes (1 Abstract)
replication slippage (1 Abstract)
RNA (1 Abstract)
seed plant phylogeny (1 Abstract)
self-splicing (1 Abstract)
Streptophyte phylogeny (1 Abstract)
substitution rates (1 Abstract)
transcript (1 Abstract)

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