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Patterns and Mechanisms of Evolution of Island Plants
Connecting People to Plants-Botanical Messages that Make a Difference

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Monday, August 15th
Monday, August 15th
9:00 am to 11:45 am · 408/Hilton
Session 7: Contributed Papers: Plant Physiology
Presiding: Lee Tarpley,
7-1August 15th
9:00 am
408/HiltonLaguna Madre, TX. 75-Acre Halodule Restoration
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PaperThorhaug, Anitra.restoration
Laguna Madre
7-2August 15th
9:15 am
408/HiltonExplaining Patterns of Mortality Following Severe Drought in a Chaparral Shrub Community
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PaperPaddock III, William A, Davis, Stephen D., Ewers, Frank W..chaparral
xylem vulnerability
water stress
stomatal conductance
7-3August 15th
9:30 am
408/HiltonEndosperm Morphology and Transcript Profiles of Storage Proteins in Developing Castor Seeds
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PaperChen, Grace.
August 15th
9:45 am
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7-4August 15th
10:15 am
408/HiltonDevelopmental characteristics of asexual propagules of a Texas succulent plant (Sedum wrightii)
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PaperGravatt, Dennis, Taylor, Josephine.Sedum
asexual reproduction
7-5August 15th
10:30 am
408/HiltonSpectral Reflectance of Red, Brown and Green Temperate Algae Compared with Tropical Algae and Seagrasses
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PaperThorhaug, Anitra.Spectral reflectance
7-6August 15th
10:45 am
408/HiltonBiomarker metabolite set that captures the metabolite variance of the early tillering stage of rice
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PaperTarpley, Lee, Duran, Anthony L., Kebrom, Tesfamichael H., Sumner, Lloyd W..rice
7-7August 15th
11:00 am
408/HiltonResponse of rice tillering to sub-ambient levels of ultraviolet-B radiation
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PaperMohammed, Abdul Razack, Rounds, Elliott W., Tarpley, Lee.rice
ultraviolet radiation
7-8August 15th
11:15 am
408/HiltonSap salinity effects on xylem conductivity in two mangrove species
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PaperLopez-Portillo, Jorge, Ewers, Frank W., Angeles, Guillermo.Avicennia germinans
Conocarpus erectus
specific conductivity
xylem sap
7-9August 15th
11:30 am
408/HiltonVessel redundancy: modeling safety in numbers
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PaperEwers, John, Jacobsen, Anna L., Lopez-Portillo, Jorge, Telewski, Frank W., Ewers, Frank W..modeling
wood anatomy
safety versus efficiency
runaway embolism
Monday, August 15th
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm · 408/Hilton
Meeting: Physiological Section Business Meeting
Presiding: Anitra Thorhaug, Yale University School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
August 15th
12:00 pm
408/HiltonPhysiological Section Business Meeting
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Tuesday, August 16th
Tuesday, August 16th
12:30 pm to 2:00 pm · Salon C, D & E - Gov Ballroom/Hilton
Session 33: Contributed Posters: Plant Physiology Posters
Presiding: Unknown,
33-70August 16th
12:30 pm
Salon C, D & E - Gov Ballroom/HiltonDrought Tolerance and Post-fire Regeneration in California Chaparral
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Poster: Physiological SectionWatson, Kimberley A., Pratt, R. Brandon, Davis, Stephen D..chaparral
stomatal conductance
life history strategy
drought tolerance
33-71August 16th
12:30 pm
Salon C, D & E - Gov Ballroom/HiltonIs there predawn disequilibrium between plant and soil water potentials in the mangrove Laguncularia racemosa?
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Poster: Physiological SectionParedes López, Claudia, Lopez-Portillo, Jorge.Nighttime transpiration
Laguncularia racemosa
Osmotic potential
Pressure potential

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