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Conference Overview

 Botany 2005 represents the annual meeting of four professional societies, including: the American Bryological and Lichenological Society (ABLS), the American Fern Society (AFS), the American Society of Plant Taxonomists (ASPT), and the Botanical Society of America (BSA). 

Members of all participating societies are encouraged to organize and present workshops at the annual meeting. Workshops are theme-based, can focus on a variety of educational or research topics, and typically include a hands-on presentation style. Most workshops include either a two-hour, half-day or a full-day program and take place on Sunday or Thursday, the days before or after the paper, poster and symposium sessions.

Workshops are ticketed events and generally have limited enrollments. Careful consideration must be given to logistical issues and to support facilities such as computers, laboratory requirements, and seating style.


Submission of Workshop Proposals (Deadline: October 16, 2004)

Proposals should include the following: 1) title of the workshop, 2) name(s) and contact information for all organizers, 3) a brief summary of the workshop, 4) length of workshop, 5) preferred day and time for workshop, 6) support facilities required and enrollment limit, 7) itemized budget (e.g., supplies and food items; estimated cost per participant).

TITLE of workshop:
ORGANIZER(s) name, address, phone and FAX numbers, and e-mail:
TARGET Audience and Workshop Scope:
PREFFERED day, time and length of workshop:
   Sunday Thursday    
  This should include all logistical concerns, for example laboratory requirements (water, air, gas), computer needs, seating style, etc.
ITEMIZED BUDGET: This should include all supplies, copying costs, food items and estimated cost per participant.
Deadline for submission of proposals: October 16,  2004

This request may be sent electronically by pressing the "Submit Proposal" button. Pressing this button sends e-mail messages to the BSA Meeting Coordinator and the BSA Program Director.

Questions about workshop organization or proposals should be directed to the BSA Meetings Manager:

For additional information or questions, contact:

    Johanne Stogran, Meetings Manager
    Botanical Society of America Meetings Office
    2813 Blossom Avenue
    Columbus, OH 43231
    Tele: (614) 292-3519, Fax: (614) 247-6444